Brother PTH105 Portable Handheld Electronic Labeller

By Computer Food on Wed 11 Nov 2015

The new Brother PTH105 handheld label maker is designed to be an easy to use standalone labeller that removes the need for a computer. With a huge range of tapes available that have been specially designed to withstand any environment, from extreme temperatures, UV rays, moisture and industrial chemicals.

Available in 3, 5,6, 9 and 12mm TZe Laminated tapes, this makes it the perfect on the go machine for almost anything you could need in your home or office. With the staggering price of $32.99 (subject to change) this machine is something every household should have! This product is available now from ComputerFood. 

Click here to go to the Brother P-Touch PTH105 Label Printer.

Brother PTH105 Portable Handheld Electronic Labeller

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