Introducing the Keys - U See Large Print Keyboard

By Computer Food on Tue 14 Nov 2017

No matter how ergonomic or fancy a keyboard is if you cannot read the letters and numbers on it then it is pretty much useless, and for a lot of people who are visually impaired this is a major issue when using a computer. 

 The Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard has been created for people who suffer from visual impairments, be they glaucoma, complications from diabetes, cataracts or simply have their eyesight worsening with age.  The large bold lettering on each of the keys, along with the multimedia hotkeys makes typing a breeze, even in low lit areas such as office cubicles

Standard lettering on a keyboard can be anywhere around 2-3.5mm wide and 4mm tall which for those who are visually impaired can be really difficult to see.  While the lettering on the Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard is 6mm wide and a whopping 7mm tall with thick bold typeface print making them far easier to see.   The black on yellow colouring of the Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard is specifically designed to help you see what numerals and letters you are pressing when typing, even in an area with poor lighting such as an office or home desk. 

The large keys on The Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard are also really good for those who have arthritis or hand injuries as the larger keys make it simpler to type. While the keyboard itself is a plug & play model, once the keyboard’s driver has been installed you can programme the hotkey buttons on the keyboard to whichever combination best suits your needs while working, checking out the latest news & gossip online or accessing your emails.  The large print, bold keys make using a keyboard more enjoyable for those that have struggled previously due to age, worsening eyesight, or complications from an illness.

Introducing the Keys - U See Large Print Keyboard

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