COVID-19 Update

By on Mon 23 Mar 2020

Wednesday 10 June. 

Welcome to Level 1! We are now operating close to normal. Couriers seem to be very close to normal delivery times now so we will end this Blog and hope we don't have to use it again! Thank you for your business during the lock down period. Keep safe. 

Wednesday 13 May 5.15 p.m.

Now that it's Level 2 we can now open our Retail Store so anyone local can come into the store without the need to first order online (only 2 people at a time please). Payment via Paywave is preferred.

With the Retail Stores opening we hope the huge backlog of Courier Shipments is dealt with over the next week or so but the big 2-8 day delays are expected to continue well into next week. This has proved an issue for us both getting goods into store and shipping them out to customers. 

Thank you


Friday 1st May 1.45 p.m.  (updated)

We are now in Level 3. There are 2 main differences with Level 3:

1. We can send anything to anywhere (almost) - nothing is limited in terms of Essential Services or Essential Supplies. This is reflected in the huge volumes we have seen today. 

2. As mentioned below, Level 3 will bring a volume of shipments the two Courier companies we use will have never seen before. All back orders from all those non-essential businesses (such as Clothing Stores) can be shipped. The result will be inevitable delays - we don't know how long these delays will be but please be patient. 

As mentioned below, for our local customers, our retail store will need to stay closed but if you wish to click and collect you can do so during week-day hours - order and pay online and in the address put "Pick Up Subway Road Pukekohe" we can pass any order to you once you arrive. Note payment must be made before you come to pick up the goods. Give as hour or so to process the order then come down. NOT available in Weekends sorry.

Thank you.


Wednesday 22nd April - 12.30 p.m. 

Next Tuesday we will see Level 3. The changes at Computer Food are that we will have more staff on board but with distancing rules applying. Half our staff will still we working from home. Note all non-essential Online businesses will release all their back orders on Tuesday morning and I expect this to completely overwhelm the Courier companies - if you are going to order please do so asap.

For our local customers, our retail store will need to stay closed but if you wish to click and collect you can do so - order and pay online and in the address put "Pick Up Subway Road Pukekohe" we can pass any order to you once you arrive. Note payment must be made before you come to pick up the goods. 

This week we have caught up with our backlog although it is still very busy. Our apologies for any delays for your order. we are doing our best to get orders out promptly. 


Wednesday 8th April - 10.00 a.m.

As we can only have one person working at a time picking and packing goods, we are falling behind on orders. We are at least 24 hours behind. We pride ourselves on getting goods out the door promptly but it is proving difficult at present. If your order is urgent, please flag the "Priority" setting when checking out - this will speed up your delivery. 

We are determined to catch up over the Easter break. Be safe everyone.


Tuesday 31st March 2020 - 6.00pm

The Govt has changed tack and decided those of you working at home are entitled to receive ink and toner. A relief for many of you. Any new orders and the orders we have been holding can now be shipped. The only exception is Business addresses that are not supplying Essential Goods - they should be closed anyway.

Note due to a lack of human resources (i.e. only one person working at a time) we are not able to answer our phones. If you need to contact us please email us at or ask us a question using the online chat. Both are checked daily.

 Thank you for your patience.



Thursday 25th March 2020 - 3.10 p.m. 

We have decided we will be completely closed for the lockdown period. The family who own Computer Food will be coming in to check on urgent orders but they will only be able to process orders for emergency services such as Doctors, Health Clinics, Pharmacies, Embassies and Govt organisations.

Anyone who orders who is not an Essential Service will be emailed - asking if they want to wait until the end of the lockdown, or do they want a refund. 


Thursday 25th March 2020 - 9.00 a.m.

We are very busy today but will try to get all orders out by the end of the day. If you are a Business and are closed from tomorrow please do not order, or use a home / residential address. Thank you. 

There will be a Warehouse person working from tomorrow within the Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines ensuring our products get to essential services and businesses. 


Wednesday 24th March 2020 - 1.00 p.m. 

Note at present we cannot take phone orders due to high demand. Please order online if you need to order. 

From the 26th March (Status 4) we will be open to process urgent orders via our web site. To fulfill our requirements for the safety of our staff we can only have no more than two staff operating from this date going forward until Status 4 comes to an end. 


Wednesday 24th March 2020 - 7.20 a.m.

We have received confirmation from both our Courier Companies that during Level 4 they will be operating but on a reduced capacity. They also say they may have difficulty delivering to Businesses after tomorrow. If your business is closing after tomorrow when Level 4 starts please do not order as they will have no way of delivering the goods.


Tuesday 23rd March 2020 - 8.15 p.m. 

During COVID-19 Level 3 status - namely Wednesday 24 March 2020 - our Retail store will be closed but all online orders should be able to operate normally.

From Thursday 25th March it is unknown at the time of writing but it seems the Couriers will be operating at a reduced capacity. We are determined to support our Essential Services - we proudly have many Doctors, Chemists, Hospitals etc as our customer so you are welcome to order online. We believe we can ship the goods. Anyone else that is urgent can order but only if it is urgent will we be able to ship the goods.

More updates are coming... 


COVID-19 Update

Reader Comments (6)


Peter Davies Sun Mar 29, 2020
The government has forced most people to work from home... and now it is denying people who are working at home from buying printer ink, which is ESSENTIAL for home-working. Please seek review of this issue and let me know what happens. Regards Peter Davies

Will you review Covid-19 status?

Stephen Buckland Tue Mar 31, 2020
Now that basic computer supplies may be purchased online do you envisage supplying ink or toner? It's the one item we're likely to run out of at home and I'd rather support you than the larger firms though I understand if you'd prefer to minimise contact and keep yourselves safe.

re ordered on march 28

Tony Eykel Sun Apr 5, 2020
i not got my email sent

Ink order

Sharon Ward Mon Apr 13, 2020
Hey guys, totally appreciate your hard work. I ordered ink on the 8th and I see it was paid that day...I'm at home studying and shifted my assignment date out by a few days...I struggle to read off screen and wanting to know when realistically, you'll have the Hawkes Bay orders done?


Simon Rillstone Sun Apr 19, 2020
Hi, I have just followed a link off Google to the product I was looking for on your site, some Brother ink. I liked what I saw so purchased. No information was displayed at any time telling me you were not delivering to the public but when I finished my order I clicked on the link taking me back to your landing page...which says no deliveries to the public! NO SERIOUSLY WTF!

shopping with Computer Food.

allan smith Mon Apr 20, 2020
thank you for your prompt service during these stressful times, and your excellent customer communication.