TZeS231 Compatible P-Touch Strong Tape 12mm Bk on White for Brother TZe-S231


TZeS231 Compatible P-Touch Strong Tape 12mm Bk on White for Brother TZe-S231



For the following Printers (Click to link)
  • Brother PTE100VP
  • Brother P-Touch Cube Mobile Label Maker PTP300BT
  • Brother P-Touch PT1000
  • Brother P-Touch PT1010
  • Brother P-Touch PT1090
  • Brother P-Touch PT1100
  • Brother P-Touch PT1800
  • Brother P-Touch PT2030
  • Brother P-Touch PT2430PC
  • Brother P-Touch PT2730
  • Brother P-Touch PT7100
  • Brother P-Touch PT7600
  • Brother P-Touch PT950NW
  • Brother P-Touch PT9700PC
  • Brother P-Touch PTD210
  • Brother P-Touch PTD400
  • Brother P-Touch PTD600
  • Brother P-Touch PTD800W
  • Brother P-Touch PTE110VP
  • Brother P-Touch PTE300VP
  • Brother P-Touch PTE550WVP
  • Brother P-Touch PTH105
  • Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label - White
  • Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker - Black
  • Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker - Blue & White
  • Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker - Light Blue
  • Brother P-Touch PTH110 Label Maker - Pink
  • Brother P-Touch PTH110BL Light Blue
  • Brother P-Touch PTP700
  • Brother P-Touch PTP710BT
  • Brother P-Touch PTP750W
  • Brother P-Touch PTP900W

    For use in the following Brother P Touch Machines:

  • PT1010
  • PT1010P2
  • PT1090
  • PT1100
  • PT1800
  • PT2030
  • PT2300
  • PT2430PC
  • PT2730
  • PT7100
  • PT7600
  • PT9700PC
  • PTH105
  • PTE100VP

  • 8m length (same as Brother OEM)
  • Extra strong glue ideal for outdoor and harsh environments
  • 12mm Tape Black on White
  • Always check the model number on your machine and the type of tape it uses.
  • There is a range of P-Touch labelling machines and a variety of tapes to choose from.
  • Easily installed, please refer to the owner`s manual for these instructions
  • Strong Tape
  • Strong Tape for PT series, stronger glue so sticks harder, good for outdoor applications etc
  • SIZE : 12 mm

    This tape is incredibly durable. Money back guarantee.

    Product code: ZBRTZS231

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