Under desk footrests and what are they good for?

If you are new to the concept of using a footrest, you may have questions about what all the fuss is about footrests. Here is the quick rundown on the key benefits.

  • Improved blood circulation and reduce the risk of conditions like varicose veins
  • Stable platform to keep your feet firmly planted while you work.
  • Elevating your legs to adopt a more relaxed position when sitting.
  • Helps keep your posture in a more neutral position by allowing you to lean into the supportive structure of your chair for improving comfort and alignment.
  • Creates a more ergonomic setup that reduces the stress on your body when seated.

Should I even use a footrest?

Sitting for extended periods can take a toll on your body, but incorporating a footrest can help alleviate the negative effects. By promoting leg circulation and providing stability, footrests are particularly beneficial for individuals of shorter stature, ensuring their feet are firmly planted for optimal comfort throughout the day.

Despite the evolving workforce, workstations have remained unchanged over the years. However, these setups predominantly cater to individuals with a height of 5'10" (177cm) or taller. Footrests assist many who do not fit the standard height of a desk.


Are footrests good for you?

Absolutely! Footrests provide numerous benefits for your overall well-being. By placing a footrest under your desk, you can maintain a neutral position and promote proper posture while sitting for extended periods. This ergonomic addition to your workstation helps optimize your setup and enhances comfort, contributing to a healthier and more productive workday.


How high should the footrest be?

When considering the height of a desk footrest, it is recommended to aim for a range of 5cm to 13cm. This allows for a comfortable positioning of your feet, with the footrest serving as a resting platform. The goal is to have your legs extended straight or slightly angled downwards in front of you, promoting open angles and a more ergonomic posture.

It is important to note that footrests are not exclusively designed for shorter individuals. If you are taller, an adjustable footrest can easily accommodate your needs. By extending the footrest further in front of you, you can achieve proper support and ensure a comfortable sitting experience tailored to your height requirements.


What footrest is right for me?

With many different options for footrests, lets break down some of the various products available to best suit your needs.


Grey Kensington Rocking Footrest for ergonomic use

Sit & Stand workstations and active users really benefit from the Kensington Rocking Footrest.

Relieving pressure points and improving circulation for all day comforts. The rocking footrests design encourages leg and foot movement across the day when most are usually most inactive. Contributes to non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) — things such as rocking your feet, typing, even fidgeting — that helps increase metabolic rate and keeps us healthy.

Even better is this model works perfectly when standing.


Kensinton SoleRest Adjustable Footrest Black

Best budget friendly footrest is the Kensington SoleRest Adjustable Footrest.  Who said ergonomic products need to cost an arm and a leg, with the SoleRest Footrest you are saving not just your wallet but your posture. This model comes with three adjustable tilt settings to ensure a right fit for your leg length. The large, non-skid surface prevents your feet from slipping off the footrest while you are comfortably sitting at your desk during the workday.

New Zealand Made Foot Rest with grey carpet

New Zealand made Fluteline Wide Footrest hits all the right positions with its adjustable wide footrest. Works great for all body types with a strong metal frame and 5-year warranty it will keep your body in the correct posture for years to come. Offering a large surface area, you can say goodbye to cramped foot positioning and enjoy the comfort from the large spacing the Fluteline Wide Footrest provides.


StarTech Rocking Foot Rest with built in compartment to hide power cables under your desk

Startech Rocking Footrest is another fantastic option for all users. The rocking design lets you exercise your feet back and forth, helping to stretch your ankles and calves. The ergonomic foot stool for your desk elevates your feet to improve your blood circulation and reduce fatigue. Setting it apart from the other footrests is the integrated cable management system allowing spacing to store cables directly inside the footrest.


How Ergonomic solutions help prevent discomfort.

Understanding the limitations of ergonomic solutions is crucial in managing discomfort. While incorporating a footrest or other ergonomic accessories alone may not provide a complete cure, they play a vital role in promoting proper posture and alignment to prevent further discomfort.

If you are currently experiencing aches and pains, it is advisable to consult a medical professional for personalised guidance. However, incorporating ergonomic footrests products into your workstation can significantly contribute to preventing and reducing discomfort caused by poor posture and alignment.

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