Prices, Specifications and Policies

All prices are in NZD and include GST. To help GST registered companies we also display GST exclusive prices. ComputerFood reserves the right to update prices, specifications and policies at any time without notice.

We make great efforts to ensure prices and specifications of our goods are as accurate and up to date as possible. However, mistakes do happen and given the nature of the goods we supply, the availability, price or specifications of goods can change frequently. 

We, therefore accept no liability should any of the goods be unavailable or if prices differ from those presented on this website.

We will notify you if you have purchased goods from us and the pricing or availability has changed.

All cartridges listed are for printers sold in New Zealand unless otherwise stated.

Yield rates for Consumables are meant for guidance purposes only and should only be used on that basis.  For more accurate yield rates, please check the manufacturer's specifications.

Consumer Guarantees Act

If the goods have been acquired for business purposes, the terms of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply.   In these circumstances the only warrant offered by ComputerFood Limited (express or implied, statutory or otherwise) is the manufacturer's warranty accompanying the goods, and in no event shall the liability for direct or consequential damages exceed the price paid for the goods.

Risk and Ownership of the Goods

Risk in the goods shall pass to the customer upon delivery to the customer or to the address specified by the customer.  If a carrier is used to effect delivery, delivery to the carrier shall constitute delivery to the customer, and all claims for goods damaged in transit shall be made to the carrier immediately after the delivery of the goods to the customer.

Pending cleared payment in full of all monies due under this contract or in respect of any other monies owed by you to ComputerFood Limited the goods shall remain the sole and absolute property of ComputerFood Limited as legal and equitable owner.

Privacy Act / Collection of Overdue Monies

As ComputerFood Limited may use a credit agency to check your credit details you agree and acknowledge that per the Privacy Act 2020 all personal information supplied by you may be used or held for the purpose of obtaining credit reports, character references or credit statements to assess your credit worthiness.

You agree that you will upon demand pay all of ComputerFood Limiteds collection expenses including Collection Agency fees, Commissions and all Solicitor and legal costs in the collection of all overdue monies.  ComputerFood Limited reserves the right to charge 2% interest per month on any overdue monies.

Retail Store Security Policy

We operate Crime Prevention Camera's in our retail store.  We record images and videos of people entering our store.  These will be used for security purposes, including reporting crimes to the Police.  We will also publish images and videos of people who steal or commit other crimes on our premises.