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Reduce tape wastage on the Brother P-Touch H110 handheld label maker

Reduce tape wastage on the Brother P-Touch H110 handheld label maker

This is a quick instruction guide for the “H110” series P-Touch Machines for reducing the margins allowing more tape usage and saving money at the same time.
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Startech Wrist Pad shown with mouse and keyboard

Why Startech Wrist Pad is a Game-Changer: An Honest Review

What makes the Startech Wrist Pad truly worth talking about is what sets it apart from your everyday wrist pads, the wrist pad's ability allows smooth gliding with your arm movements. With the pad gliding with your arm movements, it helps decrease muscular tension and strain by supporting the arms weight.
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conduct your own ergonomic risk assessment

8 simple steps to evaluate your ergonomics in your workspace

Over the years, ergonomic risk has become an increasingly significant concern in the workplace. As we spend prolonged hours at our workstations, it is crucial to assess the potential risks associated with our workplace from an ergonomic perspective and how making a few improvements may positively affect our well-being.
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