Ergonomic Keyboards – Why you should shift to them

Ergonomics is a branch of science which studies the effects of unnatural posture and position on human body, and then designs items and technology that are natural for a human body and do not cause any harm to it.

In a corporate world, where almost all of your employees are working on computers and using keyboards, imagine the danger they are in because of this long exposure to unnatural hand position and placement. If some of them get afflicted with carpal tunnel syndrome, a disease most commonly occurring in people having long exposure to keyboards, then the loss of employee and work you’ll face would be tremendous.

Ergonomic Keyboards are specially designed keyboards aimed at reducing the adverse effects of using and working on keyboards for a long period of time. The hand, arm and wrist position while using typical keyboards is very unnatural and can cause stress and related injuries to the user. Ergonomic keyboards, on the other hand, are designed in such a way that your hands, arms and wrists are involved in natural manner.



The most prominent feature of such keyboard is its design. In most of these keyboards, the keyboard and the keys on it are split in half, which better accommodates the hands and wrist placement.

The keyboards are placed at an angle that supports the wrists while typing and saves them from discomfort. Most ergonomic keyboards also have separate keys for the thumb. In normal keyboards, only the ‘space bar’ is accessed through the thumb, but in the case of ergonomics, keys like alt, control etc. are also made accessible to thumb.

Why Shift

It is true that everyone is used to the commonly available keyboards and it might be difficult for them to shift from the usual keyboards to the ergonomic ones, but when one compares the advantages of using an ergonomic keyboard to the disadvantages of using a typical keyboard, the decision to switch from earlier keyboard makes sense and should be made feasible.

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