Introducing the Contour Roller Mouse Red

With pinpoint accuracy, unrivalled speed, comfort and style the ergonomic Contour Roller Mouse is just what you need when you are looking to upgrade your mouse to something more ergonomically sound. The new and improved tracking bar is more stylish and has some serious upgrades compared to previous models. Using the latest technology the Optical sensors read and interpret the bar movements faster then ever before.

With new 7SENSE Tracking Technology the mouse can track the position of the cursor while simultaneously adjusting the acceleration and speed of the mouse to adapt to your pace. This helps to increase productivity as well as decreasing micro movements which can slow down the efficiency of the mouse, especially when used heavily in an office environment.


The body of the Contour Roller Mouse Red is made from heavy duty aluminium; this makes the mouse far sturdier without compromising on quality or aesthetics. Thanks to the central roller placement, the Contour Roller Mouse Red removes the need to reach or strain for a mouse which can stress the wrists, elbows and neck. The mouse sensor has an entirely new sealed system within the roller bar itself so dirt, crumbs and office debris cannot gunk up the sensor.

Unlike previous Contour Roller Mouse models, the “clicking” noise when you open a link or click on a document is machine made, which means you can turn the noise of the click down or even mute the noise entirely. It even comes with a two year warranty as we are that confident on how long lasting this mouse is! 


Roller Mice Available: