The Evoluent Mouse 4 – Small Wireless Mouse

The Evoluent Mouse 4 Small Wireless Mouse is an ergonomically designed mouse that has been specifically made to help lessen the strain on the forearm and wrist when working at your computer.

The extended lip on the mouse means your hand will not rub against the desk while working. The thumb rest has also been reshaped to improve the comfort levels for your hand while using the mouse. While the mouse buttons need very little force when clicking through items, unlike so many mice on today’s market, so it is also ideal for those people suffering from arthritis.


For the majority of people working in an office or studying, Carpel Tunnel, or RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) are all very common complaints. Using a mouse that is incorrectly sized for your hand or is not ergonomically designed will only make the problem worse and the pain of the injury worse over time and use.

This Evoluent ergonomic mouse promotes a more neutral position for the forearm and wrist while in use as opposed to a standard mouse which twists the forearm and wrist into an unnatural position putting strain on the arm and back in the process. The smaller sizing is also ideal for those people with teens who use computers on a day to day basis. By using an ergonomic mouse the risks for injury or damage to the growing joints and bones in the hand, wrist and forearm are removed.

The Evoluent Mouse 4 – Small Wireless is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Once the driver has been installed you can programme the buttons on the mouse to whatever combination you would like for ease and comfort while surfing the web, playing games or getting that latest presentation ready.

The wireless functionality and mini 2.4 GHz receiver makes it perfect to take on the road with you when you are heading to business meetings or to classes and need to bring a laptop and mouse with you.

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