Ergorest Forearm Support (sold individually)


Ergorest Forearm Support (sold individually)



Ergonomic support for the forearm and wrist relieves muscle strain and tension from the neck and shoulder area plus it can help prevent reduce or cure pressure (pain!) on the Median nerve which is the primary cause of the discomfort that accompanies both Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Stress Injuries. Can work for left or right hand. OEM Code - 330-013.

Designed for office and industrial use, such as data terminal and light factory assembling tasks, the ERGOREST system combines forearm support with an intuitive mouse pad area that does not require arcing movements beyond the supported area of the slings.
Product Details
  • Supports the arm at a position of home row on typical keyboards
  • Reduces occurrences of repetitive motion disorders
  • Muscular tension in the shoulders is significantly reduced
  • Provides postural support and freedom of movement while performing repetitive motion tasks
  • Eliminates stress on the shoulders and neck
  • Supports the proper posture of the wrists and hands
  • Optional extension tubes available for additional height
  • Dual arm design in die-cast aluminumHigh-grade leather
  • Accommodates up to 6cm thick work surface
  • Sold individuall

    Product code: ERGOREST

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