Evoluent Left Handed Keyboard


Evoluent Left Handed Keyboard



The Evoluent R3K Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard allows the user who mice with the right hand to balance the load between the left and right sides of the upper body, reducing the stress on the shoulder muscles of the mousing side. Having the number pad to the left side of the keyboard, the Evoluent Reduced Reach Right-Hand Keyboard makes it possible to input numbers with the left hand, and to mouse with the right. With only a single column of navigation keys along the right edge, the keyboard allows the mouse to be placed in a comfortable position more directly in line with the right shoulder.

Features and Benefits
  • The Evoluent keyboard is numeric keypad is uniquely on the left side to let you put the mouse much closer.
  • A conventional keyboard forces you to frequently move your right hand from the mouse to the keyboard to press Enter, Del, Page Up, Page Down, Backspace, Home and End.
  • Positions often-used keys duplicated on both sides.
  • The left side navigation and numeric keys may be operated with your left hand to reduce reaching for them while using a right-hand mouse.
  • Offers dedicated Windows shortcut keys that are accessed with one touch.
  • Full size arrows, Del, F keys, Ctrl, Alt, Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys.
  • Tactile bumps on often used keys such as Ctrl, Del, Home, Page Down, and down arrow to aid operation by touch.
  • High quality scissor key mechanisms with crisp action and no key cap wobble.
  • Connectivity: Wired USB

  • USB port required. Does not work in PS2 port.
  • Compatibility: No driver download necessary. Windows XP or newer is required for top row hot keys. Works with other operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Unix except for the hot keys.
  • Dimensions: 403 mm x 171 mm D x 20 mm H.Product code: KEYBD3

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